Keeping Your Belongings Safe In Storage

18 Apr

If you are in the process of moving from one home to another, and you have some items that you wish to place in storage until you can transport them to your new residence, you may wonder just how secure your belongings will be while you are not around to watch over them. Taking steps […]

Taking Advantage Of A Storage Unit For Your Small Apartment

16 Apr

Are you moving into a new apartment that is smaller than your current one? If so, downsizing to a smaller home may be an issue when it comes to accommodating your furniture and personal assets. If you have a small amount of floor space in your new apartment, then setting up your new home may […]

5 Tips For Protecting Your Items In Self Storage

14 Apr

Are you worried about protecting your items while they’re in self storage? There are a few things you can do to ensure that your property is stored in a physically safe way, regardless of the self storage facility you use.  1. Wrap Them Up  Have you seen those large spools of plastic packing wrap? Wrap […]

Six Tips On Storing Glassware So That It Doesn’t Break

13 Apr

Storing glassware requires care and caution. You need to do all that you can to protect your delicate glass items from damage when you put them in storage. Keep the following tips in mind and you shouldn’t have any problems: Pack in original packaging It will be much easier to pack away glass items for […]